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GK resizedIt has been an honour and a privilege to serve my profession in the capacity of your Chairman for the past 3 years. During this period we achieved a lot, though a lot less than what we had set for ourselves.

I am grateful for the support of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing Development, Staff and Members of the Council.

My service was driven by a sense of duty. In my view there is no greater obligation than to volunteer one’s time and talent. What we do with our time defines who we are as individuals and together as interest groups we define the society we aspire to be. And nobody, except kings and queens, gets paid to be who he is, hence I am an unrepentant volunteer and volunteers everywhere are my heroes.

I leave the Chairmanship of the Council in the good hands of a motivated team led by my successor Mr. Arumugam Subramaniam Sasitharan, MRICS. Our dream is to develop the QS profession in Botswana to a standard where every registered QS is a proud ambassador of the profession.

God bless you.