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In accordance with Section 12 of the Quantity Surveyors’ Registration Act, 2013, the Quantity Surveyors’ Registration Council has established Committees that are meant to assist in the overall performance of its statutory functions.

The Committees are as shown below;

Registration and Standards Committee

  1. Motlhophi Gaorengwe (Committee Chairperson)
  2. Ookeditse Leburu
  3. Service Monyamane
  4. Peter Gabaratane
  5. Latelang Chakalisa

The primary role of the Registration and Standards Committee is to ensure that registered persons meet the set conditions and requirements for registration with the QSRC. In line with best practice, the Committee also considers, recommends and approves policies pertinent to the Registration of Quantity Surveyors in Botswana. Another crucial aspect of its functions is determining that Registration is consistent with Sections 23 and 24 of the Quantity Surveyors’ Registration Act, 2013. The Committee shall also assess, determine and oversee the accredited Continuous Personal Development (CPD) courses and seminars that it deems fit for approval in the maintenance of members’ competency.

Finance and Procurement Committee

  1. Segolame Ngwato (Committee Chairperson)
  2. Robert Akanyang
  3. Peo Pillar
  4. Tobile Lemo
  5. Cliff Dithapo

The role of the Finance and Procurement Committee is the management of the Council’s financial resources, from budgeting, revenue generation, utilization of funds to accounting and financial reporting to the Council. The Council also has the governance function of reviewing policies related to the Council’s finances, appraisal of financial risk and review of audit results and implications. The Committee also adjudicates and approves procurement items of certain values.

Research and Development Committee

  1. Robert Akanyang (Committee Chairperson)
  2. Service Monyamane
  3. Motlhophi Gaorengwe
  4. Dr Keneilwe Ntshwene
  5. Prof. Aloysius Mosha

Section 7. (2) (d) of the Quantity Surveyors’ Registration Act, 2013 stipulates that the Council must encourage research into matters relating to the profession of Quantity Surveying. The Research and Development Committee overseas the QSRC’s statutory function of researching and developing the Quantity Surveying profession in Botswana in partnership with academic institutions and other organisations with related interests.

Investigation Committee

  1. Ookeditse Leburu
  2. Service Monyamane
  3. Robert Akanyang

The Investigation Committee convenes as and when an allegation has been made by a member of the public regarding the conduct of a Quantity Surveyor. The Committee holds quasi-judicial proceedings where inquiries have been made about Quantity Surveyors who are considered to have acted in contravention of the dictates of the Quantity Surveyors’ Registration Act, 2013 or the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct Standards for Quantity Surveyors.

Disciplinary Committee

  1. Motlhophi Gaorengwe
  2. Segolame Ngwato
  3. Peo Pillar

The Quantity Surveyors’ Registration Act, 2013, gives the Council disciplinary powers. The Disciplinary Committee, which convenes on an ad-hoc basis has the primary responsibility of considering the actions to be taken by the Council where it is concluded, after an inquiry, that offences committed by a Quantity Surveyor constitute improper or disgraceful conduct.